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The Family Business Network's International Family Office Forum shines a light on the expansive role of Family Offices beyond mere wealth preservation, underscoring why ownership matters and their pivotal contribution of business families to societal impact beyond safeguarding family legacies. ​

This event delves into how Family Offices can serve as powerful agents of societal progress and well-being. It offers attendees pioneering insights and strategies to use their financial and social capital for the greater good, positioning Family Offices not just as custodians of wealth but as catalysts for innovation leading to systemic change. ​

The forum encourages a redefinition of legacy, emphasizing a commitment to philanthropic endeavors, social responsibility, and sustainable development. The forum represents a vital opportunity for thought leaders and decision-makers to explore the broader influence and impact of their actions, demonstrating the significant role Family Offices and their owners play in both preserving family heritage and contributing to a more positive societal future.​

We welcome global family businesses and their trusted C-suites to explore Family Office Impact: Ownership, Succession and Purpose.

Reasons to Attend the International Family Office Forum in Singapore

Broadening Impact: 

The forum goes beyond traditional wealth management to explore how Family Offices can contribute significantly to societal well-being.

Strategic Planning for Generational Transitions:

Attendees will gain insights into effective strategic planning for seamless generational transitions, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the family business and its values.

Networking with Peers:

This event offers a safe platform to connect with peers facing similar challenges and opportunities, fostering a community of support and collaboration.

Learning from Experts:

The forum features sessions led by seasoned experts in diverse fields such as family office management, impact investment, philanthropy and societal impact, new technologies.

Redefining Legacy:

Participants are encouraged to think creatively about about family's legacy, learning how to align family's values with actions.

Practical Insights:

The forum delivers actionable insights and tools.

Bring your Trusted C-suites on board:

A dedicated day for them to learn from FO professionals on topics such as Long-Term Talent Strategies for Family Offices.

Global Perspective:

Be exposed to global perspective on the evolving role of Family Offices, highlighting innovative practices from around the world and providing a broader view of the potential for family businesses to make a difference.

Intimate and exclusive social events hosted by family members, exploring Singapore magnificent coastline and heritage.

Join us in Singapore! 

Indulge in enlightening and transformative experience, where you not only learn how your family and business position for future success but also join a forward-thinking community dedicated to leveraging wealth and influence for the greater good of society.

Special Pre-Forum Dinner: Yacht Trip Along Singapore Coastline

Before delving into the forum's main agenda, join us for a delightful evening on a yacht trip along the picturesque Singapore coastline. This pre-day event, sponsored by TWO Family Office, offers a casual yet elegant setting for networking. Enjoy the scenic views, savour exquisite food and wine, and build meaningful connections with fellow attendees in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Limited seats available, RSVP to secure your spot. 



Raffles Hotel
North Bridge Road 03-26

Raffles Hotel, founded in 1887 by the visionary Sarkies Brothers, carries an enduring legacy of 137 years and stands as a magnificent testament to timeless elegance and is an integral part of Singapore's cultural and architectural heritage.

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